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So you don't speak dutch? No problem. Here you will find, in chronological order, almost all our stories in English. The stories were translated from Dutch into English by Percy Balemans.

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Dos Mosquises, Venezuela
Dos Mosquises, Venezuela

Tasmania and our crossing to New Zealand

May 2013 - We visit Tasmania with a campervan and have a smooth (well, almost) crossing to New Zealand

Australia, from Pittwater to Tasmania

April 2013 - We have a wonderful time in and around Sydney and sail (not race) from Sydney to Hobart

Australia, from Brisbane to Pittwater

February 2013 - Lost in the touristic Gold Coast and then up to Brisbane, Clarence River and further south


November 2012 - We leave Vanuatu and sail to Australia

Vanuatu, from Malakula to Vanua Lava

October 2012 - From Malakula, we sail north and finally leave the beautiful country of Vanuatu

Wallpainting on the island of Ua Pou
Wallpainting on the island of Ua Pou

First impressions of Vanuatu

August 2012 - After a five day passage, we arrive at the southerly islands of Vanuatu

From Fiji to Vanuatu

June 2012 - We sail from Savusavu to Koro, then to Suva and Muscet Cuve. Finally we set course to Vanuatu

Koro, New Zealand, Savusavu and back to Koro

March 2012 - We sail as crew on a catamaran to New Zealand and go back to our land on Koro Island

Fiji, from Beqa to Savusavu

January 2012 - We are still in Fiji and we sail from Beqa Island back to Savusavu

Fiji - from Savusavu to Beqa Island

August 2011 - We are back in Fiji and we sail from Savusavu, via Vuda Point to Beqa Island

From the Marshall Islands not to Canton

June 2011 - We depart from the Marshall Islands and try to sail to Canton

Ailuk and Likiep

April 2011 - Finally we visit Ailuk and due to problems with the engine we skip Likiep

The Marshall Islands

February 2011 - Unexpected problems kept us from seeing more of the Marshall Islands


December 2010 - From Tuvalu we sail in one week to the atoll of Tarawa in Kiribati


October 2010 - After one week of nice sailing we arrive in Tuvalu

In Fiji for the second time

September 2010 - We visit some beautiful islands in East Fiji

From New Zealand to Fiji

June 2010 - After a year and six months living in New Zealand, we sail to Fiji

Back on Happy Monster

April 2010 - After living for nine months in Pukekohe, we sail our Happy Monster back to Opua

After we've seen the kiwis, it's time for our departure

December 2009 - We work, see Kiwi's and prepare Happy Monster for departure

If we're not careful, we'll turn into Kiwis

August 2009 - We already live in New Zealand for more than six months now

Living and working in New Zealand

May 2009 - We stay for one year in New Zealand, trying to work and make some money

Fiji and The Netherlands

February 2009 - We visit beautiful Fiji, sail back to New Zealand and suddenly we fly back to The Netherlands!

From Tonga to Fiji

October 2008 - We sail from Tonga to American Samoa, Samoa, Wallis and Fiji

From New Zealand to Tonga

July 2008 - After visiting New Zealand for half a year, we sail back to Tonga

Travelling through New Zealand with Happy Bussy (part 2)

April 2008 - The continuing story of our journey with Happy Bussy through New Zealand.

Travelling through New Zealand with Happy Bussy

February 2008 - The first part of our journey with Happy Bussy through New Zealand.

From Bora Bora to New Zealand

December 2007 - We sail from Bora Bora to Suvarov, Tonga and finally to New Zealand

French Polynesia

August 2007 - We visit the Marquesas Islands, the Tuamotus and the Society Islands

Galapagos and the Pacific Ocean

July 2007 - After fourteen days on the Galapagos we weigh the anchor and sail to French Polynesia

From Cayman to Galapagos

April 2007 - From the Cayman Islands via the Panama Canal to the Galapagos

Bonaire, Curaçao and Cuba

February 2007 - After Bonaire and Curaçao we have a extraordinary time in Cuba

From Tobago to Bonaire

December 2006 - Back to work on our ship and beautiful tropical islands

From Suriname to Tobago

October 2006 - About anchor troubles and a five-day passage to Tobago

Still in Suriname

August 2006 - A few days in France and even in the Netherlands

At home in Suriname

June 2006 - Brownsberg, rain and stolen goods

Living and working in Suriname

April 2006 - The people, their language and "De Dijk"

How plans change

February 2006 - Living in Domburg, Suriname

From La Gomera to Paramaribo

January 2006 - From La Gomera via the Cape Verde Islands to Paramaribo

The Canary Islands

November 2005 - From Cascais to the Canary Islands

Western Spain and Portugal

October 2005 - From La Coruña to Cascais

The Spanish north coast

August 2005 - From Gijon to La Coruña

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